Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Update 4May2010

We have a relatively quiet home for the next 3 weeks as the majority of the children have gone to stay with relatives for the school holidays. They were all excited about their holiday so we are hoping they enjoy the break. Some have gone to relatives in very nice homes and others to people in mud hut villages so their stories will be interesting and varied as to what they would have done during the time away. Marg helped take the kids out to the western Caprivi and enjoyed seeing where they came from and meeting the relatives.
 We are feeling sorry for the ones left here as it is a terrible feeling to think of an orphan who does not have any family links at all. There are different jobs which we have been able to get them to do and give them rewards to try and make them feel that someone cares for them and stop boredom. We are not getting any help with this as it is not part of the local culture to keep children amused.
The water peaked last Friday at close to the same level as a month ago and now is on the way down, hopefully it keeps going and we can get back on the road in a couple of weeks. I have had to be relieved of boat driving as the new home for the older children has to be finished so I am back in building mode. We laid floor tiles last week and the next day when I went to do more the workers were in the room cutting up steel on them with a 9 inch grinder ( I am finding out new definitions for patience). On the other hand I have a worker helping me who I know is keen to learn and he has picked up the tiling methods quite quickly and he feels quite proud to have done something technical.
Marg has a badly infected finger at the moment after something bit her while sleeping. I have had two similar problems from cuts while working and the infection is so aggressive that the next day your finger is swollen like a boil, you cannot bend it and a red streak is already running up your arm. We don't know what causes it and it takes a week or so of treatment for it to come good.
    Something we were dreading did not happen did this morning as one of our boys had a badly infected ear and he was writhing on the bed in pain so we had to take him to hospital by boat at 4 in the morning. The moon was up otherwise it would not have been possible and we did the trip and return without a problem. The little fellow is still in hospital for a few more days as it is so serious. Marg of course is doing her normal babysitting and has spent all day with him and will probably do the same tomorrow, she is a marvel the way she always puts other peoples wellbeing before her own.
A little snippet;  was watching the local news tonight of a story about a murder and they showed where it occurred. Then it showed someone shovelling about a bucket of blood off the floor, very effective coverage of the event.
Talking to our security guards one day and they said with the full moon last week they saw six canoes each night at one in the morning crossing the river from Zambia. They were not sure what the reason was?? 
We have only two of the puppies left and the children are feeding them any leftovers so they are growing quickly and still getting into mischief. The others have gone to staff members and the local villages, primarily to be used as guard dogs.
Will write again soon

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